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Hi. I'm Martin.

Welcome to my site! 


I am a fulltime professional photographer, born and raised among steep mountains, trolls, polar bears and the other lots of dangers looming in the Norwegian countryside.


But let’s talk about photography. My passion for photography kicked off in my youth when I was 16 old. It all started when I borrowed a camera from a friend with which I used for capturing a few photo shots of backcountry skiing, a popular sport in the snowy mountains where we Norwegians find ourselves.


I was quite surprised however when it turned out some Scandinavian sports magazines sparked interest in these very pictures. One thing led to another and my pictures ended up being publicized, and I even won a few prizes. From here on, I felt committed to developing my talent, and soon enough, I had saved up enough money to buy my own first camera, a Nikon d70s.

My professional career started after to years of education at the Norwegian school of photography – one of the most prestigious of its kind in Northern Europe. Having had several of my photos published before this time surely provided a solid basis for my admission here. At this time of my life, I can look back on having done photography for more than a decade, and as a present day professional photographer, I have of course retired my Nikon d70s. I consider myself privileged for being employed with something which truly is a passionate interest of mine, and I believe this quality is reflected in the work I do.


I am enthusiastic about all kinds of photography, but my fields of expertise are related to sports, marketing and weddings. I am a part owner of a Norwegian life style magazine named Oppdal:365, a magazine dedicated to the town where I grew up. With this magazine we strive after capturing the unique moments of interplay between man and nature that takes place in Oppdal, so that we can share them with both a Norwegian and an international audience.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any sort of question regarding my business and interest!

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